ATS software for scaling teams

Project overview

Modern ATS softwares are bloated.

After getting to use a host of them while hiring designers at my organisation, I thought of ways that I can solve these problems. After conducting user interviews two problems stood out as common - ATS softwares are expensive and not customisable.

I have designed Reecroot to be less bloated, more natural with just enough customisation abilities that the pricing can be competitive to ATS softwares in the market. I have build this product end-to-end in 45 days including user research.

Customer problems


ATS softwares in the market are extremely bloated with one price fit all approach


Build lesser number of features that are catered to small to medium size business’s. Powerful features that can shape the hiring process for these organisations


ATS softwares in the market do not allow customisation of career pages


Provide customisation capabilities so that HR’s can build career pages that are truly customised to their company. Add less design complexity by providing templates


Empowering Your Talent Acquisition Journey

Empowering Your Talent Acquisition Journey

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